Wednesday, April 16, 2008


These pictures do not do the room justice! We LOVE our new paint color! I have spent all afternoon yesterday and all morning today working on the fine details. Apparently, I am a terrible painter. Each time I "touch-up" one line with tan paint, I end up having to "touch-up" with the blue or the white, or vice-versa. Obviously, you cannot see it from afar, but it is really bugging me when I look at it up close.

I am having a terrible time picking out curtains ( Chris/ty mentioned this same problem in my previous blogpost comments). I have had my eye on some for months I do a bed...but both are pretty spendy. And let's face it: I am cheap. I usually agonize over something so expensive, shop and shop for something better that is less expensive, and then end up going back to what I had originally loved. Matt usually has to say "just get it!"

On another note...I bought some lamps that I have been really wanting for our room: swing-arm pewter lamps with a cylindrical white shade that attach to the wall. I brought them home and showed Matt. He said "eh". EH?!?! I have been talking about these forever and he doesn't like them!? Luckily for him, I am ok about this decision (I think). He says he doesn't like the cord to go down the wall and be back to the store I go. :)

On a completely separate topic, lately when Matt does something cute or funny, he says "put that on your blog!" I think he loves this thing more than I do!


Maria said...

I love it!!! Good job :)

Christie said...

I love that color! What is it called? Aaron (Tarena's brother, I read your blog through his) and I are in the process of buying a condo and now I'm obsessing over paint colors as well :) Looks great!

Christie said...

whoops! I meant hers...not his!

Christy said...

HA HA! Chris does the SAME thing! After he finished the laundry room, he took some pictures and told me they were for me to put on the blog, and then told me what to write. Silly guys. Love the paint color.
As far as curtains go, I bought some fabric at Joann's (home fabrics 1/2 price sale) and had a lady make them for super cheap! She seriously charged me $20 to make 6 - 8ft panels. Just an idea from one cheap, picky person to another...

Our growing family said...

I really do like this slate blue better than the paler blue you had before!! Looks wonderful!
I totally know what you mean about getting the paint onto the other wall color-I HATE THAT! (I can thank my dad for teaching me what a good paint job looks like!) BUT, when painting at our new home (and the tape didn't work like it should have!) I found a little trick:
I very lightly coated the paint brush and held up a long envelope to the wall (like in the crease of the celing) to cover the part I didn't want to get that color on while touching up the color that got messed up. The envelope was sturdy enough to hold up for awhile and if I needed a new one it was no biggie as they are so cheap!
I hope that came out right, but if you understood =) you should try it!!!
I agree with Matt on the cord down the wall...kind of looks tacky/messy.
I hope you find something you love!
Oh, one more thing =):
are you looking into buying a new matress? We got a sleep number bed a few years ago and L-O-V-E love it! Especially when I am pregnant, the bed makes all the difference in the WORLD! (but they are more expensive)I hope that doesn't make your deciding process harder!
I just can't wait to see how your bedroom turns out!
ok, I think I'm done. =)
oh, no I'm not:
Tim loves me blogging too!!! It cracks me up! He really loves to see what we have been up to all day while he was gone. Kind of like when I scrapbook...he loves them more than I do! =)
Keep blogging!

Our growing family said...

ok, now I'm laughing out loud looking at how long I just posted a comment!

Stefanie said...

Maria: thanks!!
Christie: don't worry, I read your blog too :) Congrats on the upcoming marriage and the big move, AND the condo!!
Christy: boys are too funny and always more alike than we think. I will post soon about my fabric store woes...but will be thinking about having someone make them...
Tarena: thanks for the envelope tip! I wish I had used it..I like things to be done quickly, and this was not one of them that could be.

I love that the boys love the blog! I do think it is a good way for them to see another side of us..neat!

pokepokepoke said...

The blue you had looked a lot like the color used in many offices at work. Bleh.

e said...

Love the color Stef! It's close to the color I've been pushing for for our youth room at church...we'll see if I prevail in the end. ;)

Stefanie said...

Christie: before I forget, the color is Ralph Lauren "Spun Twilight".
Poke: that color was a little officeish...
E: I hope you prevail, we love it!!

Christie said...

Thanks! It is such a beautiful color!

I hope you don't mind if I add you as a link, I put all the blogs I read on my links list :)

Stefanie said...

Christie: of course it's ok!! I have now added you as well