Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another post

pics from the birthday fun at the Sounders game this last weekend:

Matt's bday gift from Dennis

Trying to be normal

The ladies (plus the peekster Andy): me, Katie, and Amanda

Bryan (Matt's bro) and gf Amanda


The ladies again




Matt and I before the game, hamming it up


I forgot to officially post a "Happy Birthday Hubby" post on the 24th!! I am a terrible wife.. :) I tried to post earlier with pictures and all, but I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Anyway, Happy Birthday Baby!!!! Can you believe you are a quarter of a century old?? The big 2-5. We started dating just after you turned 17, and I can't believe I have been able to share so many great birthdays with you. You really are the best ever!

And Happy Birthday to all of those March Birthdays that I know!

Friday, March 27, 2009


The past week has consisted of work, food, sleep, and this:

This video actually isn't very interesting except that he is carrying a gigantic stick and was trying to bring it inside. Right before the video was taken, he had brought it onto the porch and tried to turn around...running into the side of the house and the slider about 6 times. I guess he decided the stick was more important than coming inside.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Matt and I finally got some more furniture to decorate our house! Here are some pics (sorry about the blur):

The side tables, lamps, and vase are new. BTW, the dog is only allowed on the bed when we are getting ready for bed. He sleeps in his kennel at night.

Everything in this room is new! We have had the console table for a few months, but got everything else this weekend!

Same room, different angle.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's snowing!!! Whiskey is currently outside eating snow and chasing the birds...without me!! I am soo thankful I don't have to watch to wait to see if he goes potty anymore. We used to do this like new parents do when he was a pup. We were always concerned if he didn't go within a certain amount of time. Matt would stay out in the yard for over an hour just waiting for him to go. (Such a good dad!)

Of course I do have to watch to make sure he isn't digging up my plants, eating the trees, or digging in the mud...but one thing at a time, I guess!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

Oh My Word!! Did anyone else see the Bachelor last night?? I had a study class last night, so I caught it in time to see Jason propose. I was devastated! I really wanted the other one to win. Matt said "Well if you saw the whole first portion of the show, maybe you would like her better." I am not so sure about that.

But THEN, oh man oh man, the "After the Final Rose" show came on and made me an oh so happy girl. But really I am totally weirded out by the whole thing. Did he have to "break up" with her on tv? I wonder if the producers had anything to do with all of this...