Monday, September 27, 2010

Ingall's Lake

A big group of people go out to a friend's cabin each year off of Teanaway River and camp. They always hike out to Ingall's Lake on Saturday for a good workout. This was the first year for Matt and I, but we decided to backpack out and camp overnight. The trail is about 3.5 miles to the campsites and another mile or so to Ingall's Lake. It is part of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, close to the Enchantments. This was only my second time actually backpacking and I had a great time!

Our campsite was out on this rockledge looking out right at Mt. Stuart. Gorgeous!! There were just a few trees around, and most of the trees had branches on only one side. We figured it got pretty windy up there. Little did we know that we were going to experience firsthand the crazy winds.

 We went to bed early and were woken up several times an hour because of the raging winds. I wasn't sure that the tent was even going to hold up! Around 3am or so, the rains came...hard. We couldn't help but laugh, since the day before was in the 70s and clear blue sky. We packed up in the rain and wind and left around 7am. I was so thankful for the gear we had that kept us warm and dry!

[By the way, we have this stove called the Jetboil and it is AWESOME! It boils about 2 cups of water within 2 minutes and it is very compact. Get this if you plan on camping anytime soon.]
 Mt. Stuart
 A view to the right of our campsite
 Below our campsite
 Another view of Mt. Stuart (can you believe people climb that?!)
 Matt and his Dad, Jim, trying to figure out where the trail is to the lake
 drying my clothes on my trekking pole :)
 Ingall's Lake-about a mile from our campsite. Jim is napping on the big rock in the middle
 Mt. Stuart behind the lake
 The huge group that went up to the lake with us
 Matt filtering water
 A nudy-butt jumping into the freezing cold lake
 Us at the lake
 Amanda, Bry, Jim, me, Matt
 Me posing at our campsite looking out at Mt. Stuart
 Looking up behind our campsite
 Gorgeous colors of the larch (sp?) trees
 The sun went down on our campsite, but was still on Stuart
Me in my new down jacket!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey all! Just wanted to pop in and say that I haven't really been up to a whole lot lately. I've been going for lots of walks, increasing my running mileage (baby steps), cleaning house, shopping, listening to Matt's weekly hiking stories, hiking with Matt on occasion, cooking, Husky tailgate, drinking off of an ice luge, making homemade granola, and work of course.

As I mentioned, Matt has been hiking a ton lately with some good friends from church. He is loving the challenge and even did Muir on Rainier two weekends ago, and Mt. Adams this past weekend! (praise God it was worth it, we spent a lot of money on supplies  :) ha!). I think next time they go, Tiffany needs to go with and be the professional photographer :) and then maybe I will even dip into the climbing action eventually (??). I need to get my butt in gear first! Here are a few pics of Matt at the summit, Matt with Rainier in the background and some sunset (or sunrise-not sure) pictures.