Friday, April 4, 2008


It is almost 1:00 in the morning and I am at work. One patient is (thankfully) sleeping, and the other is busy going to the bathroom...constantly. He is bleeding and they have not found a source. Tomorrow he will go for a colonoscopy to check for a source of bleeding. Do not worry, he is stable...but extremely nauseous from that nasty liquid prep you have to drink (4 liters worth!). Despite the constant toileting, lovely smells, almost upchucking every half-hour, and blood pressure in the 180s despite the meds I have given him, I am busy thinking about his wife. She is amazing. She is kind, nurturing, doting, loving, caring, patient, and so motivating. Every time he thinks he has to "go", she grabs that bedpan and throws it under him. It would be so easy for anyone in her position to be impatient.

Tonight, I am reminded to love my husband, for better or worse. And with that comes a little complimenting....

Why I Love My Husband:
*he loves me unconditionally
*he tells me I am beautiful when he wakes me before he goes to work
*he gives me a back and foot massage when he wakes me before work
*he does housework without ever complaining
*he likes dusting
*he thinks I am amazing when I tell him I worked out at the gym-which motivates me to go again!
*he has the most positive attitude
*he is so laid-back
*he always says "sorry" first despite it being my fault
*he LOVES that I now have a blog & encourages me to post
*he loves my family
*he is very funny
*he truly loves what I cook
*he lets me beat him at pool...sometimes
*on the other hand, I love that he hates when I beat him at bowling!
*he is very handsome

And there are many, many more..but I have run fresh out of time!
I love you Husby!!


Kara said...

and he has a beautiful smile

Our growing family said...

this was so sweet! you are truely blessed from the Lord!
have a wonderful day,

Stefanie said...

Yes, he does have a beautiful smile, Kara. Thanks for pointing that out :) ha. And we are very blessed!! Thanks all!

nicole said...

Hey Stef, I just caught up on all of your posts, I love the black and white fabric idea, way to be creative :)

jess.elise said...

This blog is sweet of you, Stef! I read it and then did a quick list in my head of all the reasons Matt is lucky to have YOU!