Monday, October 27, 2008

Mason Lake Hike

Mason Lake is off of Exit 45 on I-90. It was a beautiful hike...and I realized how out of shape I am! I was tired/burning almost 100 yards in=pathetic. I usually do really well hiking regardless of my shape...I guess I'm getting old :) That day the mountains had really strong winds but it was a gorgeous day!!

Here we are on the way back down from the lake taking off some of our many layers.

Going down...thank goodness.

Up at the peak of the hike. You could actually see a large part of Mt. Rainier but my pictures aren't showing it. Like my lumberjack shirt?? It's Matt's...I got cold.

Matt looking cute

More of Matt...cute

Katie and Halas

Matt and I at the lake. The winds were so strong and freezing!

Whiskey had way too much fun

The lake

Trying to put my hood up...

Needless to say, I am very sore today!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Walk With Whiskey

Matt took these pictures the other day while on a walk with Whiskey. We also went on a hike today and pics of that will come later when I actually upload them.

Whiskey LOVES this hill with a bunch a newly planted plants.


Let's go!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Home updates

So I mentioned awhile ago that when Whiskey was itty-bitty he knocked over one of my curtain rods in my room...then proceeded to pee on them because I was too lazy to get them fixed. ALSO, my curtains were too long if you remember. So, I FINALLY decided to hem them myself instead of coughing up the dough for it to be done for me. I was very worried that I could potentially ruin them. Well, I hemmed them and then sent them to be dry cleaned and voila! They are pretty much perfect! Some of the panels are still slightly long, but most are grrreat!!

And here is the picture collage wall in the loft that I worked on a few weeks ago.

I think I will do one more layer on the bottom to make a more defined line....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bees, Bees, Bees

I got stung by several bees today...on my butt. Whiskey and I were finishing up our run, when he stopped to try to catch a bee. Little did we know he was going to step on a nest. I didn't even notice until it looked like one stung him in the face. Then I got stung on the right side of my bum and we started to run home. At the front door, I got stung AGAIN on the LEFT side of my bum from a bee who must've hitched a ride home with me. Once inside, I began to wipe Whiskey's feet off, and a bee jumped out from my jacket! I screamed, then stomped on him. So, some Bendaryl for Whiskey and a stingy sore butt, and we're all ok. I have actually only ever been stung once in my life...until now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

rockin it

I got up to go workout again this morning at 5:30 while Matt got ready for work. Today is my one day off between 3 days on, so I had to get up and get some exercise since I do not work out on my 12 hr days! I then had to stop by the cleaners (can you believe they open at 6am???) to pick up the dry cleaning I had done. My curtains are not ready yet but I paid $160 for all 6 panels to be cleaned....yipes. Then I stopped by the gas station and paid another $66 for that, all by 7am.

I used to always tell people I was going to go out for a run when actually what I did was 60% run and 40% walk-typical. So I changed my tactics and told people I would go out for a "rock" (walk/run) so I wasn't being dishonest anymore. :) Lately Whiskey and I go out for "rocks" every morning around 8:30 or 9 when I have the day off work. Today was a long one around all of the trails in my neighborhood. It started to rain about 10 minutes in, but both Whiskey and I were in heaven. For some reason, I feel spiritual when it's raining and slightly warm. Whiskey loves any form of water and he LOVES puddles! I let him off leash along the trails and he is very good about staying near by for the most part. Sometimes he lags, but when I get about 30 feet ahead, he bolts forward into a full-on sprint, having the time of his life! We usually end up at the park, where he loves to run up and down the big hill...sometimes army crawling his way down, sometimes rolling down because he was running too fast. There is a tiny little stream back there that he loves to stomp and run in, making every effort to get as muddy as possible. In fact, as I type, he is sleeping soundly from "rocking" so hard.

Matt planted 2 pear trees in our backyard and they look so PUNY because they are all by themselves! I cannot wait for all of our plants to grow up a little.

I think I will be baking some banana bread today and making some chicken and shrimp curry for dinner. I love these blustery days!

Sorry for the random post, but I actually have the time now :)