Friday, May 30, 2008


It's Springtime, which means meeting after meeting at work. We not only have meetings for various things, but we also have tons of training events that are mandatory. Last week I had a meeting and training (5 hours of OT). This week I had a meeting and more training (6.5 hrs of OT). And now I just got an email for more mandatory training for next week!!!!! It is driving me insane. It would be one thing if I was already going to be here, but it is not. It is on my day off, which means I have to make a special trip...with gas prices at $4.06 and above, I am not liking this. With both of my training opportunities for next week, I will have another 10.5 hrs of OT. GRR...

Luckily, tonight my workload seems to be good thus far. One of my patients just told me she loves me...which is a far cry from the one who tried to bite me three times a couple of weeks ago. I guess I got lucky with my patient assignment tonight. Someone else's patient just extubated himself (he took his own breathing tube out of his mouth and disconnected himself from the ventilator). Luckily for him, he seems to be doing find without it.

Backing up a bit, Memorial weekend was good. Matt and I visited with my mom and sis at the island house and helped paint a bit. Then, the group got together for Mojito Memorial Day. We had a blast playing Cranium: Turbo Edition, pool and a little Wii on the side. What a great end to a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Room Update

We got our new bed this week!!! We love it SO much! Sorry about the lighting AND the huge mess, I was in a hurry. We will be changing out those nightstands, lamps, and ceiling lights as well. We got it delivered while Matt was working on the patio and I was sleeping. So I slept in the guest room with my eye covers and ear plugs since I had to have the window open, it was SO hot!

Here are my new curtains. In this picture, the panel on the right is pinned up, whereas I left the other panel hanging as is. I think I will be having to sew them all to that height. We don't really like them long.

Here they are on the other two windows closed and long..

Oh. I wanted to get a poll. The curtains are dark because I need to block out the bright daylight that shines through, but we didn't put a curtain above our bed because of the dark curtains on dark bed-but there seems to be an insane amount of light that shines right onto my bed while I sleep. Should I: 1. hang another curtain. 2. put some sort of cover in the window (it faces our neighbor's home) OR 3. deal with it and use my eye covers forever, which really isn't that bad.

Patio Update

Gravel was delivered last weekend (in the 90 degree weather!) so that our patio can be started. Those boys really worked hard while I slept-I had to work.

Here it is all laid out, ready to be smooshed down and leveled.

and again...

And these next few are of the patio stone that was delivered today. I took pictures so that Matt can see where the guy dropped the stone off.

I felt like I was spying on the driving taking pictures out of my upstairs window.

See Matt? Good placement-right inside your ropes. :) Nice work, driver.

You can't see the stone, but here it is!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


For the past two hours, my house has been shaking like a leaf every time this stupid paving machine comes around. I could leave the house if I wanted to walk somewhere, but I am too busy at home...drinking coffee and making bread...and rice. ha. It is SO annoying and loud! But I guess I will be thankful when we have a nice new street to drive/walk/play on.

On a side note, doesn't my fuschia look nice?? I have 4 of them across my has already died and I have done NOTHING different. So, I took it down and cut it up to see if it might come back. I do not have high hopes for it. Not sure if I have mentioned before, but I have also killed my dahlias (I think they were dahlias) that were planted by the street. Ok, I think the snow killed them...I am taking it very personally though. When i thought Spring was starting a few months back, Matt and I planted some bulbs. Of what, I have no clue. We looked at them the other day, and I think I planted them upside down...maybe I don't have a green thumb after all??

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lots of pictures today and they are all of yard work again! Last night, Matt worked late into the night staining the fence with a spray gun. I thought he looked pretty funny with a t-shirt wrapped around his face.

Here he is today with a track-hoe excavator thing. He was SO proud of himself for renting it and getting it past the fence on the one side of our house. He learned how to drive it from a you-tube video.

We start off quite nicely.

The gravel area there is supposed to be a drain to drain the water from our hillside-it does NOT work very well and the hill is VERY squishy. Which leads us to the track-hoe sinking and getting stuck in the mud. It ALMOST tipped over! I was so thankful Matt's dad was there to help us! Luckily, we could use the arm to push up against the hillside for leverage.

We had to use wood scraps to put under the tracks to keep from slipping in the mud.

And then the guys had to scrape mud out of the track that got stuck because the rocks and mud were making it so the track wouldn't even move!

Finally, we got it out safely!

And we now have a firepit area to work with!! After the track-hoe dug at the dirt, we had to shovel all of the extra dirt out. It was a lot of work!

Then, Matt used the hoe to tear up the yard to prepare it for soil and grass.

Here I am on the hoe posing.

This is random, but I finally was able to take pics of it. This wetland sign was put up after Matt put in the fence.

Can you see how close it is to the fence?? There are actually two of them that the city put back there-about 3 feet behind our fence. Crazy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New curtains

I finally got some curtains for my room!! BUT, I ordered the 84" standard length drapes, and they are too short. So, I sent them back and got the next size up: 96". So now I have a problem. Do I hang the curtains at the standard "several" inches above my window and let the curtains fold over the carpet?? OR do I hang them where they will be just at the floor line, with the rod very near the ceiling?? Is it weird that I am even having this problem?? Is it the my ceiling is a weird height??