Monday, April 28, 2008


So, I neglected to tell you all that a few weeks ago when I made those fabric frames, I had bought some other fabric for some pillows I was hoping to recover. I found some I thought I had liked, and figured "what the heck, if I screw it up at least I got it on sale." Right?? Wrong. I got to the register of the fabric store that was going out of business and spoke to the employee about how I had hoped the fabric would look right. I left the store with my "no returns" fabric and realized I had just paid $44 for 2 yards of fabric!!!!! I guess I never looked at the original price because I thought it should have been a steal! So, now instead of making my own pillows for cheaper, I just spent as much on pillows as I would have had I not made them myself. GRR.

Which brings me to today. Mondays are generally set aside for cleaning. So, in the midst of laundry, sweeping, vacuuming and picking up, I sewed. Actually, I fought with my sewing machine for 3+ hours. It kept backing up on me and sewing in five layers of thread onto the back of my fabric. GRR. But now, I can finally say they are DONE, complete with zippers! AND they look much better than I was anticipating!!! I can thank my Nana for my skills :)

Weekend Fun

First off, forgive me for the formatting on the post. I cannot seem to get it right today. I hate that when you use a certain format for pictures, it screws everything else up and you cannot just click and drag pictures!!! ARRGGGGG

Anyhoo, we had a fun-filled weekend celebrating my friend, Katie's birthday! On Saturday, we went to the UW Women's Volleyball scrimmage, followed by the UW Football scrimmage. It was so nice to be able to enjoy something OUTSIDE in the sunshine!!

Here is just about all of us later in the night.
(Sorry Maria, we missed you!)

Here is the birthday girl, Katie blowing out all of her candles atop a YUMMY chocolate cake!

Here are the boys amidst Guitar Hero...

This is Jess looking at ....something...a shrew?? rat?? mouse?? We saw this in the parking lot of a gas station. It was hurt and limping, so we stopped to take pictures of it. It has a tail like a rat, but cuter like a mouse, but bigger like a gerbil. Anyone have any idea as to what this is??

And last but not least, here is Jess with Andy's dog, Halus (sp??). They are looking at the wildlife together, I guess. Anybody know why this is underlined?? I cannot get it to go away...bleh...

Monday, April 21, 2008

People suck

Yes, it's true: people suck. Ok, well not ALL people. But the people who robbed my mother's home this weekend DO. No one was home luckily, but Jess was the lucky one to come home and find it. There were only a few things stolen, but Jess is probably mostly ticked off about her brand name purses being gone.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been taking care of the same patient now for a long time and I feel like he can really take care of himself, even while on a ventilator. One word to sum up this night: boredom. This never happens! I am literally twiddling my thumbs here at work, eating everything I can get my hands on, drinking lots of coffee, working page after page of my Sudoku book (my fave!!), and perusing the ends of the internet. I am BORED. I guess I should just be thankful that tonight is not stressful or crazy, like every other night in this place! For example, the other night we coded a patient twice (CPR, meds, the whole bit-two separate times) only to see her go at the end of the shift. The family came in, and the patient's mom fainted...we thought we were going to have to code her too!! I seriously could not tell if this woman was breathing. Luckily she was...crisis averted! LIFE IS SHORT, PEOPLE!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


These pictures do not do the room justice! We LOVE our new paint color! I have spent all afternoon yesterday and all morning today working on the fine details. Apparently, I am a terrible painter. Each time I "touch-up" one line with tan paint, I end up having to "touch-up" with the blue or the white, or vice-versa. Obviously, you cannot see it from afar, but it is really bugging me when I look at it up close.

I am having a terrible time picking out curtains ( Chris/ty mentioned this same problem in my previous blogpost comments). I have had my eye on some for months I do a bed...but both are pretty spendy. And let's face it: I am cheap. I usually agonize over something so expensive, shop and shop for something better that is less expensive, and then end up going back to what I had originally loved. Matt usually has to say "just get it!"

On another note...I bought some lamps that I have been really wanting for our room: swing-arm pewter lamps with a cylindrical white shade that attach to the wall. I brought them home and showed Matt. He said "eh". EH?!?! I have been talking about these forever and he doesn't like them!? Luckily for him, I am ok about this decision (I think). He says he doesn't like the cord to go down the wall and be back to the store I go. :)

On a completely separate topic, lately when Matt does something cute or funny, he says "put that on your blog!" I think he loves this thing more than I do!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

once again...

I am off to the store once again for more paint. That color is too blue for my taste :) Luckily for me, Matt will be sacrificing his "I don't want a dark wall" theme for me! Hopefully this time it will turn out right. That blue definitely did not go with my orange comforter...I am hoping something will because I just got that comforter. I have never felt this picky in my life! And unfortunately, Matt is feeling the wrath...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the reveal

So we painted one wall in our bedroom today. We compromised on the color-Matt wanted a little lighter, and I wanted a little darker. We were hoping it would look ok with our orange paisley comforter. Now all I need is some real furniture, lamps, and curtains.

Yard Work

Matt worked tirelessly on the yard yesterday and a little bit this morning while I laid out in the sun :) We went to Molbak's and bought a bunch of flowers and plants for the yard, then went to Home Depot to pick up some paint. Doesn't the yard look extra green?? I am too proud... Also, there are a couple of pics of Matt moving the rock that has been in the way of the fence-building. This rock weighs about 2000lbs(??) and we weren't sure how we were going to move it. Matt bought a come-along thing and some tow-straps and moved the rock by himself!!! I offered him support while I was laying in the sun. I did, however, plant all of those cute flowers you see near the sidewalk! Tonight's project will be painting a wall in our bedroom. It may end up turning into us painting the whole room...we'll see!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby with TWO faces

I found this website while cruising the internet tonight at work (I was SO slow!) :

How crazy?! A baby born with TWO faces! She is from Northern India, and people are worshipping her as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess! The article says that over 100 people come to visit her each day and touch her feet. Oddly enough when she blinks, she blinks with all 4 eyes at the same time!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gian Francos and work

Matt and I went out to dinner on Sunday night to a place in old Snoqualmie called Gian Francos. It is an authentic Italian restaurant that looks like a small hole in the wall. We had heard from a few different people that we should check it out, and it was delicious!!! I had basil pesto baked halibut with grilled veggies, scallops, and scalloped potatoes. I was in love! It made the perfect start to a great night with Matt before I had to go to work.

It is 5:45am and thank goodness I am almost off. Sometimes work can be SO busy because I have to run all over the place to get different things, but other times I am simply busy with worry. This is why I was so busy tonight. I was constantly having to turn IV medications up and down depending on my patient's blood pressure and blood sugar. I am so ready for a good long rest session!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


There is a small curiosity shop in Downtown Snoqualmie that Matt and I went into today. I found this rooster and thought it would be perfect for our kitchen!

Friday, April 4, 2008


It is almost 1:00 in the morning and I am at work. One patient is (thankfully) sleeping, and the other is busy going to the bathroom...constantly. He is bleeding and they have not found a source. Tomorrow he will go for a colonoscopy to check for a source of bleeding. Do not worry, he is stable...but extremely nauseous from that nasty liquid prep you have to drink (4 liters worth!). Despite the constant toileting, lovely smells, almost upchucking every half-hour, and blood pressure in the 180s despite the meds I have given him, I am busy thinking about his wife. She is amazing. She is kind, nurturing, doting, loving, caring, patient, and so motivating. Every time he thinks he has to "go", she grabs that bedpan and throws it under him. It would be so easy for anyone in her position to be impatient.

Tonight, I am reminded to love my husband, for better or worse. And with that comes a little complimenting....

Why I Love My Husband:
*he loves me unconditionally
*he tells me I am beautiful when he wakes me before he goes to work
*he gives me a back and foot massage when he wakes me before work
*he does housework without ever complaining
*he likes dusting
*he thinks I am amazing when I tell him I worked out at the gym-which motivates me to go again!
*he has the most positive attitude
*he is so laid-back
*he always says "sorry" first despite it being my fault
*he LOVES that I now have a blog & encourages me to post
*he loves my family
*he is very funny
*he truly loves what I cook
*he lets me beat him at pool...sometimes
*on the other hand, I love that he hates when I beat him at bowling!
*he is very handsome

And there are many, many more..but I have run fresh out of time!
I love you Husby!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The following pictures are of one of my guest rooms (the only one that has anything in it). See the cluster of frames I have put up today? I made those with fabric I bought the other day! Each type of fabric cost me $3 and I had the Ikea frames from years back. Hopefully soon I will get a few more things for the room for it to be complete. As I am looking at the pictures though, they look like they are crooked...hmm

I was going to work an extra shift tonight at the hospital, but I just can't bring myself to call them to let them know I am coming in. It doesn't help that Matt says "well, you don't have to work tonight!" He is secretly plotting so that he can have me home, I just know it.

In other news, it is GORGEOUS outside and I think I will be heading to the gym for a good workout. Matt tried to convince me that it is so beautiful outside that I should mow the lawn.... nah. I will leave that for him this weekend :)