Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby with TWO faces

I found this website while cruising the internet tonight at work (I was SO slow!) :

How crazy?! A baby born with TWO faces! She is from Northern India, and people are worshipping her as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess! The article says that over 100 people come to visit her each day and touch her feet. Oddly enough when she blinks, she blinks with all 4 eyes at the same time!!


jess.elise said...

Do you think when she starts talking, she'll talk with both mouths too?

Stefanie said...

HA...HMM...interesting thought!

nicole said...

Hey Stef, please please add a new post I get freaked out everytime I come to your blog and this is the first picture that pops up, I know I sound shallow, but it makes me wince. Okay, I have said enough, hope you are having a good weekend :) Miss you.