Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been taking care of the same patient now for a long time and I feel like he can really take care of himself, even while on a ventilator. One word to sum up this night: boredom. This never happens! I am literally twiddling my thumbs here at work, eating everything I can get my hands on, drinking lots of coffee, working page after page of my Sudoku book (my fave!!), and perusing the ends of the internet. I am BORED. I guess I should just be thankful that tonight is not stressful or crazy, like every other night in this place! For example, the other night we coded a patient twice (CPR, meds, the whole bit-two separate times) only to see her go at the end of the shift. The family came in, and the patient's mom fainted...we thought we were going to have to code her too!! I seriously could not tell if this woman was breathing. Luckily she was...crisis averted! LIFE IS SHORT, PEOPLE!


pokepokepoke said...

Enjoy it while you can!
Some good time wasters:

pokepokepoke said...

And though it's a bit stupid:

Stefanie said...

I cannot believe you are up at 3:30am. You are crazy as always...I will check out the sites soon.

Stefanie said...
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pokepokepoke said...

Yeah, well... it's been one of those weeks.