Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sage Emory

Sage at her one month appointment: 7lb 8oz 20.5inches Perfect!

Sage's new buddy Grant. He's 3 or so weeks older. Such a cute chunk!

Sage and I up at Snoqualmie. I snowshoed up at West, Matt skied down with her while I skied down with Oakley...all very slowly!

Sage and her sunnies. These are 0-3 month sunnies supposedly!


We LOVE being parents to sweet Sage! She's been such a great baby and huge blessing to our home. I cannot believe 6 weeks has flown by! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pregnancy Path

The following are a bunch of pictures from very early pregnancy until now. What a ride!! I'm sure a few of them are out of order as I cannot remember specific details anymore :)

This was literally the day after I found out I was pregnant. 4 weeks and climbed up to Camp Muir

Mailbox Peak

Lake Angeles

Poo-Poo Point (one of many times)


Colchuck Lake

Salmon Days 5k- about 16 weeks pregnant

20 weeks

One of many Rattlesnake Ledge hikes

Mount Pilchuck-6 months Pregnant

Snow Lake

Snoqualmie Falls

Stan's Overlook near Sno-point Park

Gondola ride up at Crystal Mountain

Ski/Snowshoe day at Snoqualmie-7months

Little Si with my little bug

8 months!

9 months!

2 weeks until my due date and I can hardly believe it! I've felt amazing and have been so blessed by this experience! Here's to a great delivery!