Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More mischief (addendum to prev post)

I have to show this for Matt. THIS is what he does when you are not here. I thought I could fill his water dish with ice because he has been "digging" out all of his water....


Little Whiskey has been into mischief lately. Here is a list:
-he bites...hard
-he knocked over my lemon tree (both he and the tree fell down the hill)
-he knocked over my begonias
-he ate that baby bird
-he pulled the toilet paper from the roll all the way to the bathroom door
-he is barking...a lot

BUT I love him SO much!! He is still so lovable and cute. It will just take a little bit more discipline.
Some pics:


after he knocked over the begonia

chewing on the broom...I cannot sweep anymore

playing fetch with grandpa

Friday, July 18, 2008

Whiskey River

I will post pics of the pup again soon. He has been lovable and a little terror. He is getting really good at sleeping in his crate at night and a little better at going potty outside. He definitely has his moments. He is currently attacking my dustpan and brush, his new favorite toy.

I went out yesterday to water my fuschias on my front porch with the pup, now for sure named "Whiskey River". Everytime we even step foot onto the porch, their is a little bird (a Junco) who yells at us because she has a nest around there. We were pretty sure the nest was in the Arbor Vitae out front. Anyway, I went out to water the flowers and the bird was going NUTS, as was the dog because he loves getting dripped on. I started watering one of them and all of a sudden two little chicks popped out onto the grass. As I saw them, so did Whiskey. I looked down and he had already eaten one of them. I was SO SO SO sad! That poor mama bird was so mad at us and I thought she was going to dive bomb us and peck our eyes out. Luckily, the other little chick was safe; Matt saw them later on in the yard.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Baker's Dozen Minus....Ten?

Nope. No baby. But we did get a puppy!!!! He is an 8 weeks old yellow lab. Here is a pic of our new little family (sorry it's blurry):

When I said in my last post that Matt had something planned for the weekend, he meant he was taking me to SACRAMENTO to get a dog!! On Saturday morning, he woke me up and told me to get ready for the day at 6:30 am (very early for me these days!). So we went to the airport and flew to Sacramento, puppy items in tow that Matt has been stowing away in our house without me knowing! When we got there, we saw some new vineyards with new homes on them for sale:

So the reason we went to Sacramento is because there is a dog named Zeus who is from WA and went to Westminster this year. Matt and I saw a picture in the newspaper of him and fell in love. So naturally, Matt researched to see if he was having any litters :) (such a Matt thing to do!). And his only litters were in CA, so he put in his name to be on a list about 8 or 9 weeks ago. Here are some pics from the lady's home:

All of her big labs:

Matt with a little guy:

Matt with the big ones:


Marching in:

Pups at Matt's feet:

Matt holding one of them:

Playing with one:

We stayed at a hotel that night and he did fine, and only whimpered a couple of times on the flight itself. He loved when we got him home!! He explored every single portion of our yard with his mouth! Ah, the joys of having a puppy!

First dip in the pool:

All tuckered out from play:

Playing on his new bed:


Sleeping with Mommy, again:

Playing with Daddy:

Finally, playing with Jessie:

He has been so good!! He definitely likes to nibble on things, but he is learning quickly what he can and cannot do! He is sleeping at my feet as we speak.

We still haven't really decided on a name. We may call him "Satchel" or "Whiskey". One is good for when he is a good boy, and one is good for when he is being bad. We'll get one soon :)

Not to be outdone by my puppy, but I also got a new camera for my upcoming birthday from Matt!!! I love it, but still don't know how to use it! It has so many cool functions that I will eventually learn how to use.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the 4th

Sorry no pics today. I have forgotten my camera time and again. We spent the 4th and 5th of July over on Herron Island where my Mom and Sis have homes. Sis had a party with a bunch of people and actually invited me :) . I love her and it was so much fun to see her with all of her friends. I also love the deer, or deers as Jessie's friend would call them. We were around a campfire with loud music and loud people, and about 10 deer surrounded us...just hanging out. I swear they liked us better when we didn't pay any attention to them.

No swimming this weekend, it was way too cold for that. Compared to the gorgeous weather we had last week, this was actually refreshing. I guess it's time to start deep cleaning the house again. I almost died vacuuming last week in that heat!

I am taking this weekend off from work just because. I work every other weekend, and I feel like I miss out on a lot. Matt has something planned...

I missed the pop sale at Safeway. I guess I should have looked at the ads before the 4th. Pop was buy 2 get 3 free!! Lame...I will be more prepared next time because I really like Diet Coke.