Sunday, June 22, 2008


What I have been up to:
-had two sick days last week (totally unlike me!)
-friends in from out of town for the weekend
-lots of Wii
-lots of good food
-a graduation party
-an 8.5 mile walk down to Snoqualmie Falls
-new outdoor lounge chairs
-a visit from Danice and Nicole
-beautiful weather
-a finished patio(pics to come)
-gates on the fence

On my to-do list:
-vaccuum the house
-do some laundry
-wash the sheets
-clean out window sills (stupid little bugs)
-a little Bed, Bath & Beyond with Smesh (sis)
-get my hair done
-water my fuschias
-call my friend Nicole (a long time coming...)
-coming next weekend: top soil and GRASS!!! Yay!!
-see my friends...if we can ever connect our schedules


nicole said...

Hey, I smiled when I read your to do list :) Kelly's cousin and friend are visiting and leave tomorrow, then Kelly and I pack up and leave Wednesday, I can't wait to see you soon!!!

Our growing family said...

Sounds like a wonderful time (except for the whole sick thing!)! Can't wait to see pics!