Monday, June 30, 2008

a new yard

First off, here is Matt and his Dad cutting some of the patio stone. As you can see, Matt thinks he is SO tough doing this. It's pretty hot.

Here is the top soil in our driveway.

Soil progress in backyard.

Sod progress in 90 degree weather. Poor guys!

A goldfinch at my feeder. I love him.

A lemon on my new lemon tree.

New lemon tree.

Finished backyard!!

The difference between dry and wet on the patio.

The plants I potted today.

More yard. We put extra sod on the hillside because we had a lot of leftovers. I intend on planting a bunch of bushes in the midst of the grass eventually.

The patio just needs to have the edges cemented in now.


Our growing family said...

AMAZING!!! Stef, I love it! It looks so put together and relaxing! Tell Matt he did a great job w/all the manual work and you did great supervising and taking pics! (he,he!)
Hope you get to enjoy it TONS this summer!

jess.elise said...

It looks beautiful, Stef! It is just crying for a BBQ...when can we come over?!!? :)

PS...Thanks for your voicemail this weekend! It was so sweet!

Chris/ty said...

Woah! It looks awesome. Love it!
We have a goldfinch too. Bird watching must run in the family. Before the Chris' fam I had never seen anyone get excited about birds. :) Now I am a fan too!