Monday, June 9, 2008

Random weekend stuff...warning, long post

On Friday, Matt and I headed out for a drive down to Vancouver, WA to visit some friends. Naturally, we hit traffic and it took us 2 hours to get to Fort Lewis. We finally arrived around 8:15pm. Matt was so giddy the whole ride down...I blame the Starbucks blended strawberry lemonade-his favorite. I tried to post about his silliness on the blog using Matt's blackberry, but for some reason it didn't show any "New Post" link. boo. Soon Matt was asking for a fruit roll-up...I didn't pack any food for the trip, so I am not sure why he even bothered asking. Although I do generally sneak things into my purse for him, and naturally I had a fruit roll-up in there. He was in heaven...for 2.5 seconds. I turned away for one second and that thing was GONE in an instant. Luckily I didn't have anymore or he would have been on another sugar high.

Yesterday, we did yard work. Matt mowed the lawn, cleaned out the gutters and got me some fresh soil. I planted a couple of our new plants that we got months ago :), weeded a little, and fed the birds. We LOVE the birds that venture into our yard...except for the crows. I hate them. They jump onto the fence, and it sounds like a meteorite fell from the sky. Plus, they look at you...and stare. The other little birds are adorable though. We have a Junco and a Tufted Titmouse that love each other. I am not kidding. They are always flying around together. I saw them one day about 10 feet apart on the fence and they ran towards each other and kissed. I swear. I think it brought a tear to my eye. Ever since then, I always see them together on the fence, in the yard or in the bird feeder. I love them.

We also have a rufus-sided towhee (sp?) . It is SO cute and fat. And on a walk the other day, I saw like 20 Cedar wax-wings in the same area. They have heads that look like cardinals. For your information, I do not have a bird book nor do I know any of these names on my own. I ask my husband. He usually knows or we look them up on the internet. Yes, we are that enthralled with them. :)

This summer is going to be so busy. On top of working every other weekend, we have two weddings to attend, a work retreat for Matt's work, a patio/yard that needs to be finished, and hopefully a small get-away vacation for us. Hopefully, we will make plans ahead of time for the 4th of July. It is the first 4th I will have off in a few years. Thank the Lord.

Matt called me from work the other day to inquire about a bill we got. Here is the conversation:
Matt: "how come our PSE bill is $680??"
Stef: "umm...not sure. Did we not pay?"
Matt: " I don't know, you set it up for automatic payment. I will call them."
Two minutes later...
Matt: "so apparently we haven't paid our bill in 3 months. I don't think you set it up for automatic payment."
Stef: "hmm...oh yea, I had the bills sent by email to your address. Didn't you open the bill??"
Matt: "no, I thought they were just statements saying we paid..."
Stef: "I think I will blame this on you... :) "

This sure shows my dependability, right Tarena? Luckily, they hadn't charged us a fee nor did they shut off our power. Man oh man.

As you can tell, I have had way too much coffee this morning. I better go do my laundry.


Our growing family said...

That is hilarious about the bill! Sometimes if we get a "random" bill that is not on our normal list, it throws us off and we sometimes think the other took care of it!! =) ahh, communication in marriage can be so funny! =)
just yesterday on our walk I was REALLY enjoying all the bird that were singing as there are A LOT around here and I felt bad that I could never post about them because I have no idea what any of them are either! =)
I'm sure I will learn one day when I'm an old lady! =)
oh, and tim inhales food like that too-I seriously wonder how he does it....and if we are sharing something I have learned to take what I want first or 1.I will be eating as fast as I possibly can or 2. I will not get any! =)

Bridget Beth said...

I go nuts for birds too! We should go bird watching together :)

e said...

Stef, I love you.
Birdlovers unite!
(I actually do have a "Birds of North America" book. Nerd alert!)