Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More randoms...

-Matt hates cantaloupe...more for me! I ate a whole cantaloupe in the last two days with frozen cool whip in the center-yum!
-What is it really that is making gas prices so high?? It's not like the demand has changed...or even the supply...
-Don't people know that you are supposed to pull over when a cop is behind you?? I was behind someone going SO slow in the far left lane today and a cop came up behind me with his lights on. I pulled over one lane to the right to get out of his way, and the other person stayed...for one whole mile. Once they realized a cop was behind them, they slammed on their brakes and pulled off onto the left shoulder. hmm.... I can only imagine what that cop was thinking.
-One of my "love birds" is apparently not a Tufted Titmouse, a la Matt...I guess I have just been calling him that because he is so fat and cute.
-I am wondering if I am still supposed to water my fuschias if we have already had a torrential downpour (they are under my eaves...).
-Why does the bird poop on my car look like an oil slick??
-Why does the garbage man always leave my garbage lid OFF when it rains? Doesn't he know that I have to then dump the water out?
-I cannot wait for those new "reality" game shows that are starting the end of this month on ABC. I love it when people fall off of things...I have laughed every time I see the commercial for them!

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Our growing family said...

Oh...we should have a cantaloupe eating party! =) I could eat a whole one right now! =) YUMMMMY!!!!
I agree on the whole gas thing-crazy...too bad for the gas companies though, we are just using our cars less! =)