Monday, August 31, 2009


Camping this weekend was awesome to say the least! I never once took out my camera, but am reliving many great moments in my head. Case was the life of the party and was oh so tough out on that beach! He actually growled at some crabs. See? Tough. And Whiskey became ultimate protector of the campers, and he loved every second of it! He and Case became the best of buds-especially because Case is right at Whiskey's stealing level. He got more food by stealing it right out of Case's hands this weekend! I have a feeling we'll be doing this again!

Sorry no pictures today :)


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

so glad you guys had fun! I hope we can plan something again because I can't wait for my little family to meet all of you! (and holly and whiskey should meet...I'm sure it'd be dog party!!!)

valarie said...

i think one big camp out would be fun so if you feel like expanding the invite list, count me in! and my dogs!