Sunday, August 16, 2009


WOOHOO!!! I did the Sprint Triathlon!! The whole race was set up at Genessee Park in Seattle right at the Stan Sayers pits. I had to swim 0.5 mile, which is 18 laps at a pool, or 36 lengths. It took me about 21 minutes. I then had to run out of the water to my transition area where my bike was. I took about 6 minutes to run there, take off my wetsuit, dry off and put my running shoes on. I also got some water and some energy stuff while I was there. I then ran out with my bike to Lake Washington Blvd where I biked 12 miles across the I-90 express lanes. This took me about 43 minutes. Once I got back, I got a quick drink and off I ran. I was EXHAUSTED! My legs felt like rubber and were soo heavy! I think the first mile took me forever! I had to stop like 3 times for some water and to rest my legs a little on the first one alone. Once the second mile hit, I felt like I got in a groove. The problem was, I had to pee the entire time I was running and that really slowed me down! I crossed the finish line and kept on running to the portapotties. The run took me 30 minutes, so about 10min/mile.

Matt was great and tried his best to catch me at each interval. There were over 5000 competitors and each had people there to see them, so he was in a crowd all day! He missed me get back from the swim, but he made it to all of the others! It was so hard to find him at the end of the race.

Here I am preparing my transition site at 6am.

Putting on my wetsuit at double o early

wetsuit again

NERVOUS picture

Running out of the swim.

Putting my bike back, getting ready to run

You can barely see me in the distance on my run...this whole portion counts as my "transition" between events, so I tried to be quick.

Sprinting the finish

close up of me at the finish

All done and taking everything back to the car

The Ultimate Supporter

A couple of the girls from work who did it with me...we're on the first place block. I cannot see because the sun is my eyes (good excuse for a bad pic)


Robin said...

you are amazing Stephanie! I bet you are so proud of yourself- what an accomplishment! What's next???? =)

valarie said...

wow stef i am filled with awe and so proud of your accomplishment, i wish you could be my personal trainer then i could have a tight body like you!!! XXOO val

jess.elise said...

Yay, Stef! So proud of you!!!

nicole said...

This is awesome Stef! You look like such a pro in your wetsuit!!! Can't wait to hear the real life play by play :)

Jill said...

That sounds intense!! What an amazing thing to do--way to go!! :D

Robica said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Peggy Campfield said...

you are a little stud woman! i am so thrilled for you - what a great accomplishment - stef you rock!
love you