Sunday, September 6, 2009


We were fortunate enough to go see the Broadway play Wicked this afternoon! It was just as good as everyone said it would be! The actors were impressive, to say the least. They were all incredible performers and singers, and the storyline was awesome. If you don't know, it's like a side story to the original Wizard of Oz, featuring the witches as opposed to Dorothy. GO SEE IT!

Yesterday we went tailgating at the Husky game, then went to the Knarr Bar on the Ave to watch it. We were going to try to get tickets but we decided against it because we had at least 5 people to get tickets for, and we would have probably been separated-boo. We did have a good time at the Knarr's always an interesting experience :) Despite the loss, the Husky game was awesome and did not disappoint. We are very excited for this season as they seem to be looking good!
It is raining SO hard right now and my dog is desperate for some exercise and attention. So Matt has been trying to chase him around the house since we've been home. I can hear them upstairs right now playing fetch.
Thank the Lord for low census at work! I would have normally had to work this whole weekend, but I put my name on the list and got lucky! Yay for not having to go to work when you're supposed to!

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Jill said...

I love Wicked! I am going to see it in a few weeks for my second time and cannot wait!!