Monday, August 10, 2009


Matt worked all weekend by himself on the yard. He used this crazy contraption that he rented to dig holes in our clay-like soil, and carry loads of dirt.

He planted all of these plants (finally!!) with the use of that crazy drill! Thank goodness, because it would have taken much more time by hand!

The wall is all filled in behind now and we will hopefully get some plants in there soon!

Random rocks in the dirt will have a better place once we have more plants.

wide view

I am SO proud of how much he got done this weekend!


Our growing family said...

WOW!!!! It looks amazing! Great job matt!!
I can't wait to see the next phase with plants! You guys have great vision!

valarie said...

that is gorgeous! matt, you're the man!!! your home is looking fabulous.

jess.elise said...

Good work, Matt!