Monday, October 27, 2008

Mason Lake Hike

Mason Lake is off of Exit 45 on I-90. It was a beautiful hike...and I realized how out of shape I am! I was tired/burning almost 100 yards in=pathetic. I usually do really well hiking regardless of my shape...I guess I'm getting old :) That day the mountains had really strong winds but it was a gorgeous day!!

Here we are on the way back down from the lake taking off some of our many layers.

Going down...thank goodness.

Up at the peak of the hike. You could actually see a large part of Mt. Rainier but my pictures aren't showing it. Like my lumberjack shirt?? It's Matt's...I got cold.

Matt looking cute

More of Matt...cute

Katie and Halas

Matt and I at the lake. The winds were so strong and freezing!

Whiskey had way too much fun

The lake

Trying to put my hood up...

Needless to say, I am very sore today!

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Katie said...

Thanks for taking all the pic's Stef! I love all the fall photos you've taken, they're beautiful.