Friday, October 10, 2008

Bees, Bees, Bees

I got stung by several bees today...on my butt. Whiskey and I were finishing up our run, when he stopped to try to catch a bee. Little did we know he was going to step on a nest. I didn't even notice until it looked like one stung him in the face. Then I got stung on the right side of my bum and we started to run home. At the front door, I got stung AGAIN on the LEFT side of my bum from a bee who must've hitched a ride home with me. Once inside, I began to wipe Whiskey's feet off, and a bee jumped out from my jacket! I screamed, then stomped on him. So, some Bendaryl for Whiskey and a stingy sore butt, and we're all ok. I have actually only ever been stung once in my life...until now.


nicole said...

Ouch! Your poor bum, and poor little Whiskey!

Bridget Beth said...

that sounds like a nightmare.

Our growing family said...

that is so sad!!! I'm really sorry to say that it made me laugh...sorry...forgive me?
i hope you feel better soon!