Monday, October 13, 2008

Home updates

So I mentioned awhile ago that when Whiskey was itty-bitty he knocked over one of my curtain rods in my room...then proceeded to pee on them because I was too lazy to get them fixed. ALSO, my curtains were too long if you remember. So, I FINALLY decided to hem them myself instead of coughing up the dough for it to be done for me. I was very worried that I could potentially ruin them. Well, I hemmed them and then sent them to be dry cleaned and voila! They are pretty much perfect! Some of the panels are still slightly long, but most are grrreat!!

And here is the picture collage wall in the loft that I worked on a few weeks ago.

I think I will do one more layer on the bottom to make a more defined line....

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jess.elise said...

Cute! I like all of the changes!