Friday, August 29, 2008


EDIT: I forgot to talk about my "Baby Beluga" and why I call him that.
at 8 weeks: 15lbs
at 13 weeks: 30 lbs
at 14 weeks: 33 lbs
I can barely pick him up anymore!
-Worked all weekend and week=tired & behind on housework
-Whiskey keeps jumping on me=holes in clothing+holes in skin
-It's still summer=little motivation and time to cook=takeout...yet I have TONS of recipes floating around this computer on different pieces of paper
-Thinking about friendships
-Working on a to-do list: laundry, dishes, water flowers...
-Skin infection=Benadryl and antibiotics for Whiskey :(
-Still need a patio dining set=shopping online and coming up with WAY too expensive options=no patio set
-Yearning to go hiking
-Attempting to decorate my house, one picture frame at a time
-Loving my handsome husband and baby beluga whale Whiskey


Linds said...

Hey Stef! Thanks for your prayers! I too have been thinking about friendships! God's been putting specific people on my heart and its been almost painful! You're one of them too! I miss you lady! We have to get together soon!

nicole said...

I like the new layout, very cheerful and fun! And, I like how Whiskey is described as a "baby beluga," too cute :)

Chris/ty said...

What a cute little family you have! Hope life slows down a little for you soon. I know what you mean about being behind on housework. It can happen so quickly!

Nicole said...

let me know when yearning becomes kinetic! i'm up for a hike anytime.