Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I thought I should take a breather from the sun and my book, and post some pics:

dark pic of tomatoes

oregano & basil



I call this the "Charlie Brown Herb Farm"

The new picture gallery

Up close

more tomatoes

Whiskey eating my basil

Whiskey making his usual landslide on the hill

Whiskey sleeping at Daddy's feet

Jumping on Daddy

Sitting on the stairs pretending he's being good




Nicole said...

i like the white space on the picture mattings! i'm excited to see the front room come along :)

Our growing family said...

beautiful! I also love the new picture frames! i'm such a sucker for pictures & frames!

jess.elise said...

Stef! You are getting so good with your new camera already! I'm so impressed of the pics with Matt/Whiskey. I love them! And I love the new pics in the family room! I'll have to come over soon to check it all out. :)

Ty and Kelly said...

Stef, you're really making that house a home. We can't wait to come and see you guys!

Anonymous said...

i love your garden. it looks great. the pictures and the welcome sign look good as well. how high did you hang them? the middle of the pictures should be right around 60 inches up from the ground. nice work.

oh and i found your blog from another friend's. your dog is super cute.


thanks to all of these great blogs like yours, i am thinking about starting one of my own.