Monday, August 18, 2008

pics in picasa

We went to Ocean Shores over the weekend and had a blast! It was Whiskey's first time in a large body of water, and he also found a new best friend named Sassy. Instead of a thousand pics, I just added an album. [Jess-I have a few more of you and D I can send to you]

Ocean Shores August 2008


Katie said...

I LOVE all of the pictures! The dogs seemed to play so well together. I guess you guys are pretty cute as well. You took some great shots with the new camera (I'm assuming you took them with the new camera). Take care!

jess.elise said...

Stef! The pictures are soooo cute! I love them! :) If you get a chance, will you send the other pics of me and D?

Love you!