Friday, August 15, 2008


All of my pictures lately are of Whiskey or of wildlife around the house. This pretty much sums up my life :) Whiskey and I went for a walk today and then watered the flowers. And when I say I watered the flowers, I mean I watered Whiskey. He loves water and he was SOAKED.

The other day Matt found this. It was still connected to the roll in the bathroom.

He also found this.

"Mom! Look what I found!"

With the weather so warm, this is his favorite spot to nap.

"Please let me up on the couch!!!!"

Today while watering, I found these cute little ones:

They were sitting so perfectly on my dahlias and were perfect subjects for photos!

I couldn't get the lighting just right on this one, but he was too cute not to post

The rest are all very similar, but again, too cute not to post.

Matt usually finds these little ones in the grass when he mows.

See him at the bottom?


Robica said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. You should definately name the frog.

Bridget Beth said...

I love the frog! How precious!