Friday, May 30, 2008


It's Springtime, which means meeting after meeting at work. We not only have meetings for various things, but we also have tons of training events that are mandatory. Last week I had a meeting and training (5 hours of OT). This week I had a meeting and more training (6.5 hrs of OT). And now I just got an email for more mandatory training for next week!!!!! It is driving me insane. It would be one thing if I was already going to be here, but it is not. It is on my day off, which means I have to make a special trip...with gas prices at $4.06 and above, I am not liking this. With both of my training opportunities for next week, I will have another 10.5 hrs of OT. GRR...

Luckily, tonight my workload seems to be good thus far. One of my patients just told me she loves me...which is a far cry from the one who tried to bite me three times a couple of weeks ago. I guess I got lucky with my patient assignment tonight. Someone else's patient just extubated himself (he took his own breathing tube out of his mouth and disconnected himself from the ventilator). Luckily for him, he seems to be doing find without it.

Backing up a bit, Memorial weekend was good. Matt and I visited with my mom and sis at the island house and helped paint a bit. Then, the group got together for Mojito Memorial Day. We had a blast playing Cranium: Turbo Edition, pool and a little Wii on the side. What a great end to a great weekend.


Our growing family said...

So sorry to hear about work! Not cool. =(
I miss your mom and sis-say hi for me sometime!
Did they get a house on an island?!? Sounds very cool! =)
Hope you have a better day soon!

Robica said...

We have Cranium Turbo too! We love it.

nicole said...

Oh the curse of mandatory OT!!!

Stefanie said...

Tarena: my Mom has a couple homes on this little private island that she is helping to remodel and then sell, and my sis just bought a home and is also fixing it up.
D: I am thinking of buying that game; we definitely had a blast!!
Nicole: My OT is NOTHING compared to K's!!! I still cannot believe they made him do that. As I said before, I would be SO exhausted to do that many 12hr shifts!!