Thursday, May 15, 2008


For the past two hours, my house has been shaking like a leaf every time this stupid paving machine comes around. I could leave the house if I wanted to walk somewhere, but I am too busy at home...drinking coffee and making bread...and rice. ha. It is SO annoying and loud! But I guess I will be thankful when we have a nice new street to drive/walk/play on.

On a side note, doesn't my fuschia look nice?? I have 4 of them across my has already died and I have done NOTHING different. So, I took it down and cut it up to see if it might come back. I do not have high hopes for it. Not sure if I have mentioned before, but I have also killed my dahlias (I think they were dahlias) that were planted by the street. Ok, I think the snow killed them...I am taking it very personally though. When i thought Spring was starting a few months back, Matt and I planted some bulbs. Of what, I have no clue. We looked at them the other day, and I think I planted them upside down...maybe I don't have a green thumb after all??


Bridget Beth said...

The fuschia looks great! Do you give them fuschia food? They're voracious eaters and need to be fertilized every 7 to 10 days. Mine was looking pretty limp, but I fed it and the next day it looked twice as big. Just a tip in case you weren't!

And as far as the bulbs go. I'm with you there. I think my canna lilies dried up after the frost...but Dahlias don't come until later in the summer so I think you may be ok :)

Our growing family said...

You are so cute stef! I love it when you post! It sounds like you figured out a good way to make rice! (you were the one who wasn't sure how to recently, right?!) Don't be too disapointed if you kill something...3 are still alive!!!! =)Hope gardening goes well!

jess.elise said...

Stef! There are so many changes happening at your house that I'll be surprised if I recognize it! Can I come over soon and see them all?

Oh yeah -- we're home! And we missed you guys LOTS!!

Robica said...

Your fushcia does look great! I've tried them before.If I remember correctly, I think they don't do very well in the direct hot sun. Maybe I have it backwards..I took my pots to a greenhouse this year so they don't die from the frost we still get in late May and June.