Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Room Update

We got our new bed this week!!! We love it SO much! Sorry about the lighting AND the huge mess, I was in a hurry. We will be changing out those nightstands, lamps, and ceiling lights as well. We got it delivered while Matt was working on the patio and I was sleeping. So I slept in the guest room with my eye covers and ear plugs since I had to have the window open, it was SO hot!

Here are my new curtains. In this picture, the panel on the right is pinned up, whereas I left the other panel hanging as is. I think I will be having to sew them all to that height. We don't really like them long.

Here they are on the other two windows closed and long..

Oh. I wanted to get a poll. The curtains are dark because I need to block out the bright daylight that shines through, but we didn't put a curtain above our bed because of the dark curtains on dark bed-but there seems to be an insane amount of light that shines right onto my bed while I sleep. Should I: 1. hang another curtain. 2. put some sort of cover in the window (it faces our neighbor's home) OR 3. deal with it and use my eye covers forever, which really isn't that bad.


jess.elise said...

I'm the worst home decorator ever, but I think that another curtain would look good! :)

Our growing family said...

LOVE THE BED FRAME! =) It has such a great simplicity to it! =)
I agree on getting the curtins hemmed...I think it looks better off the ground. Sometimes curtins can look nice drapped on the ground, but for some reason it looks like a mistake w/these curtins.
Hum...I don't know much about curtins or how it would look above the dark bed frame...could you just have some kind of blinds that you pull up or down depending on if you are sleeping or not? If not, I say try the curtins...I can't imagine having to wear an eye mask all the time! =)
I hope you figure out something! =) Ask peggy! =)

anne said...

You could do a simple valence - it wouldn't cover the entire window, but it would frame it well and cut out a bit of the light.

I like the pinned-up curtains.

Christie said...

Love the bed frame! I also love the look of curtains draped on the ground - I may be in the minority on that though, its totally up to you :)

I also don't think a dark curtain behind your bed would look horrible, if you need it to block out daylight. Aar & I will have lots of dark curtains in our Condo up in AK because of that whole daylight all the time in the summer thing :)

nicole said...

I like the pinned up curtains too :)