Thursday, January 7, 2010


2009 Year in Review

January    *Matt and I went to Kuaui

February   * I started swimming to train for a Sprint Triathlon
                 * Had to take xrays of W's belly-he just ate too much

March      *Celebrated Matt and Bryan's birthdays with a Sounders game!

       * It snowed...a lot!

April   *Went to Neah Bay to celebrate Katie's birthday
           *Matt built our shed

May  *Had a BBQ or two

June   *Got some new trees in the front yard

          *Whiskey was cute

July    *Hiked near Mt. Rainier

        * Had some Southern visitors  (Matt's cousin) & toured Seattle

                * Visited Cle Elum
                * Bought a really expensive vacuum!
                * The Joner's came for a visit
                * Painted the family room
                * Started the retaining wall/firepit
                * Spent a LOT of time at Rattlesnake Lake

August     * Finished the firepit/retaining wall

                * Completed a Sprint Triathlon

                 *  Camping with the Camps

September   *  Camping with Bry and Amanda in Cle Elum

               *Whiskey got "cold tail" syndrome

               *Whiskey got hip xrays, then we found out he had a tick
               *Saw Wicked
               *Bryan and Amanda got engaged!

October     *Carved pumpkins
                  *Traveled to Italy!

November    *Made loads of pumpkin cream sandwiches
                    *Had family over for Thanksgiving dinner
                    *Ty and Elizabeth came for a visit!

December    *Enjoyed Christmas
                    *Had several dinner parties
                    *Watched fireworks for New Year's Eve just miles away from the Space Needle (I forgot to take pictures)


peggy said...

what a fabulous year - isn't it good to reflect!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

awesome year-review!

valarie said...

Now that was a busy year and I can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2010! Love ya!