Tuesday, December 22, 2009


No news, really. There is nothing going on in this household  :)  We are trying to enjoy each other's company as much as possible and also enjoying family and friends during this season.
Here's a list:
*Matt and I are working on saving more and spending less, which has been hard. It makes me not really want to go anywhere because I know I will buy things, which really adds up.
*I recently found out that I didn't work enough hours to get the "bonus PTO" this year. I am only 60 hours short come the end of December and could have gotten an extra 80 hours. LAME. I was sooo upset and trying so hard to figure out a way to squeeze in an extra 60 hours of work during the holidays. Fortunately, Matt isn't as concerned and told me not to worry about it. If you know me, you know I was literally sick to my stomach about it...
*I love birds. Outside birds. The little ones. I just can't help it. They light up my day.
*I recently cleaned my toilets, but left the bleach stuff on a little too long...I now have orange stripes on the seat and lid. Anyone know how I can fix it??
*We just went to a baby shower for my cousin Ali and her husband Zach. We are beyond excited for them! I know of so many pregnant women now and I LOVE IT.
*I will leave you with some pictures of Whiskey. He always likes to steal these little brown pillows off of the couch.His favorite thing is to shove his nose in between the buttons and grab onto the pillow inside. He just likes to hold it I guess.

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valarie said...

I love your insights, Stef, you're so cute and funny and dear, good luck on the savings plan and allow yourself a little fun along the way. Matt and Whiskey are keepers!