Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Picture Day

I have never had such a hard time with pictures and captions as I have had this morning!! Grr! Because of this, many of these do not have captions. The two near the bottom of Amanda and I are of us looking at my new signed Pioneer Woman Cookbook!! Amanda graciously got this for me for Christmas! The pictures in the book are sooo cute! 

The rest of the pictures are of Whiskey at home or Whiskey and Matt at Sno Pt. Park in Snoqualmie from over the weekend.  It has been very windy here almost every day! I lost the wreath from my front door a couple of days ago, only to find it returned to me the other night!! We also had one of the panels from our fence fall over because of the wind. Matt and his dad fortunately were able to get it back up and in place.  Luckily, our new trees seem to be holding for now.

Here is W bracing against the crazy wind

My cute boys at sunrise



Beautiful sunrise
He loves his sticks!
More sunrise


Robin said...

Fun! I want to peek at that cookbook! :)

valarie said...

Great pics--adore you and your fam!