Sunday, September 27, 2009


Camping was awesome! We went to a place just off of Lake Cle Elum. I believe this area is actually under water when the water level is high. We had tons of room, and we were right at the water's edge. The water was FREEZING though, so no swimming for us. However, the weather was absolutely perfect for hanging out. We got to try out our new tent, which worked perfectly, and I wasn't even too cold at night. Also, I mastered the art of peeing outside-something I have never been very good at.

Also, Whiskey had something ELSE happen to him... :) All of a sudden, he started walking around with his tail straight down, but he seemed to be acting normal. Today, same thing-acting normal, running, swimming etc, but had his tail down. I thought maybe he broke his tail (only MY dog, of course), but Matt remembered reading something about "Cold Tail Syndrome". I guess sometimes "working dogs" can get this when they go into really cold water and for other random reasons. Well of course Whiskey was having the TIME OF HIS LIFE when we got to the camping site, he swam in the water like 48 times in the first 10 minutes. The water was FREAKING COLD, but that never seems to affect him. It wasn't until later that he started with the tail tuck. So weird. Thank God Matt thought of it as being a possibility or I would be getting more xrays again!

See how straight down his tail is?? He looks so sad, but seemed to still have fun!

On an unrelated note: This random man came over to us while we were hanging out with his Potato Gun and a growler of beer. He wanted to show us his gun in case we heard it from afar. It was soooo weird! He gave us all a turn with the gun and also let us have some of his beer.

Chris/ty: Matt got a pipe and enjoyed it while sitting at the campfire-we thought of you!

Amanda and Bryan. Can you tell we got a little sun??

Whiskey in his happy place on his bed

Another straight tail picture

When we were getting ready to get into the tents at night, we kept hearing something huge in the water which was right next to our tent. I was really freaked out and thought that maybe they were large fish jumping. Then we thought that maybe the Potato Gun Man was shooting his potatoes a little too close to us. This morning we figured that maybe they were large frogs that we must've spooked. I get spooked easily too!


Robica said...

i love that fire pic. how did you finally master peeing outside? i'm curious ;)

valarie said...

haha, too funny, so that's how they rewarm their hiney by keeping their tail down? what happened at the tick visit? love your pics!

Stefanie said...

D: Ha, I just had to pee sooo many times out there, and never once did I mess up! :) I learned the laws of gravity, I guess!

Val: I think the cold-tail is something like a reversible muscle damage as opposed to just a natural way of keeping their bums warm. Weird, huh?? He is better today, thank goodness. Also, the vet didn't think he had Lyme's disease, but since he got started on Doxycycline for a skin infection anyway, all of his symptoms went away. So I still think he had Lymes. He is much much better now that that stupid tick is gone :)

jess.elise said...

Stef! I love the new Whiskey picture in the heading!