Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier was gorgeous for us yesterday! We hiked up Sourdough Ridge off of Sunrise. The mosquitoes were swarming constantly, and we even had bug spray! Matt got away with only 2 bites, but the rest of us got eaten alive! I have over 40 for sure and usually don't get eaten by them too much. These ones were tiny, but packed a punch!

Matt and I at the top of our hike

Megan, Me, Matt, Katherine

Amanda, Jim, Megan, Katherine


We left around 1:30 pm to head home and got stopped right away by a van pulling a trailer that jack-knifed on the two lane curvy road. Their brakes went out at the top and just had to keep going until they slowed. God was sure looking out for them because no one got hurt! We were stuck there for about 2 hours, and then still had to drive all the way back down through Enumclaw then home! I swear it took forever!!
All in all, a great day!!


Doreen T. said...

How were the wildflowers? Was your summit shot from Burroughs Mt.? Looks like a VERY fun day (except for the delay on the road heading home).

Stefanie said...

The wildflowers were beautiful!! Very purple! And it WAS from Burroughs! It was absolutely stunning!

Robin said...

what beautiful pictures! But I'm so sorry you had to sit for so long!