Thursday, July 23, 2009

the mother load

vacuum, that is.
I got a brand new, fancy pants vacuum! It vacuums WAY more than my other Dirt Devil did! It also comes with a shampooer attachment and I LOVE IT!!!

Here is a picture of the massive mosquito bites all over my back and arms. It's hard to tell, but they're there. Also, on the back of my left shoulder is a bruise that Whiskey made trying to swim with me in the lake.


Our growing family said...

that's so cool! I didn't know they made like a 2-in-1!! Is it heavy? It looks like it could be! But you never can tell anymore!
Enjoy cleaning!

valarie said...

Rod bought the same vacuum many years ago, it's a workhorse for sure, and that door-to-door man really knows how to sell! sorry to see the mosquitoes love you so much...happy birthday one day early!

Stefanie said...

Ha, Matt and I were remembering when Rod bought that vacuum and we made fun of him.... I love my new workhorse :) Does Rod actually vacuum the walls like he said he would? ha! And those stupid mosquito bites are STILL on me! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

valarie said...

yes he does vacuum walls, he spends a lot of time with his "honey" haha!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

You HAVE to have a vacuum like that when you have a lab!!! Holly sheds like CRAZY and I vacuum all the time!