Friday, June 5, 2009

Trees and Whiskey

New trees in the yard as of this last week. The poor guys had to put them all in in the 90 degree weather :) Matt just told them where they were supposed to go, and voila! They are planted by the time I come home from work...yeeessss!!

Some more of the trees that are on the side of the front yard.

Whiskey found this HUGE stick last night and took it to his chair

It is at least 6 feet long!

Viburnum: snowball tree

The other day, lounging on his chair again

Another view of some of the trees

Another of the stick


Persian Parrotia

"What, Dad?"

Another of the Viburnum

We love our new trees and actually got a good price on them with delivery and installation! I am just glad Matt and I didn't have to plant those huge things...our soil is like clay.


Anonymous said...

Stefanie, your yard is beautiful! love the trees - and your dog is the cutest the way he sits on your lawn he owns it!
Love you! Peggy

Robin said...

Wow Stephanie! What beautiful plants! Love seeing the pictures! :)