Sunday, June 7, 2009


I got a recipe for a chicken marinade the other day and finally BBQed the chicken today. It was delicious!! Usually, my BBQed chicken comes out really dry because I tend to overcook it-not today, baby!!

I used halved chicken that I got on sale-bone-in, skin-on...this makes for some moist chicken!!
1 -1.5cup or so Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 -3/4 cup or so Olive & Vegetable Oils total
1-2 eggs
1-2 TBS poultry seasoning
2 TBS salt
1 TBS pepper

Marinate for 24-48hrs...then grill

I actually used this very same marinade on some country-style ribs the other day, but only marinaded for about 4 hours. I then BBQed them, and they were also delicious!

Matt and I are obsessed with grilling lately. The one thing we have been loving is a BBQed onion. Cut it like a bloomin' onion, so not all the way through. Then put it on some foil, add some EVOO and garlic salt and BBQ away! Thanks to Bryan and Amanda for this one!

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Robica said...

Rob is BBQ master so we are always BBQing too. I'm excited to try your onion as I'm always running out of ideas for veggies. Thanks!