Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Things I am thinking about today:
*we are trying to paint our family room a shade of green. I have tried two different colors, and I still don't really know what I want. Why is this so hard??
*I made a blackberry & peach crisp today and it smells delicious! I can't try it until I bring it to a BBQ though. What if it doesn't taste right?
*I allow Whiskey to have toilet paper and paper towel rolls when we finish them. He eats sticks all day, how could a little bit of cardboard hurt? I swear I had only given him like 3 total. However, the other day Matt put a new toilet paper roll on and Whiskey hurt the click of the roll and came running in from the other room!! He's too cute!
*I have to start swimming again to train for my Sprint Tri...otherwise, I will probably die in the water about 20 feet in.
*I got a new bird feeder (again!) a couple weeks ago, but I have yet to see a bird eating from it. Same bird seed and everything! And right next to it is a bag feeder with thistle in it that Goldfinches eat at ALL THE TIME. What am I doing wrong?
*We will soon be starting a retaining wall project in our backyard. This time, we are spending the money to have someone else do it. Yay!
*Matt and I rarely see movies-theater and home alike (I know, we're odd). However, I think I have seen Miss Congeniality I & II a bagillion times each...I just love Sandra Bullock! I will have to see The Proposal, but knowing me it won't be until it runs and reruns on tv...
*I love the "" commercials for the aquarium...that fish is so cute! And when the seal smooshes his face up against the goldfish in the bag, adorable!
*There are 2 brand spanking new puppies in the neighborhood, and a husky puppy coming this weekend...yeeessss!!
*I hate that I can be idle and lazy so easily...


valarie said...

i have a favorite shade of green, i'm on my third gallon and love it, it's on the dark side but still light, hard to imagine but you'd love the color, there are fifty million greens to love though so keep up the hunt, love ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should see the proposal at the theater for sure! I saw it yesterday and everyone was totally cracking up the whole time! Best rom-com I've seen in a while!

nicole said...

I'm still in awe of your sprint tri! I can't wait to hear more about it :)

jess.elise said...

I can't wait to see your family room! And I want some of your crisp. :) Can we have another bbq sometime soon!??! 4th of July or something!?