Monday, February 2, 2009


I did it. I actually drove my butt to a pool I have never been to, and I participated in lap swim for the first time in my life. I am exhausted. And I only did 6 laps-2 with a kickboard. I realized once there that I don't have any goggles. My first lap I swam with my head out of water...ok, I think I can do this... 2nd lap, I swim crawl stroke and I totally messed up my breathing and I felt like water flooded my ears! P.S. DO NOT WEAR JEANS TO GO TO THE POOL. I could NOT get them back on me after swimming. I think it took a good 15 minutes to get them on with them being so stinking tight...

All of this is part of a bigger plan: a sprint triathlon sometime this year :) That's it. I said it, which means I really have to do it now. Matt and I bought bicycles over the weekend and I have not felt like such a kid in awhile!

This weekend was Superbowl Slumberparty weekend at my house. Saturday, we enjoyed a walk to the park with the dogs and then a large lasagna dinner. That night, we went to the casino for some penny machines (I'm cheap), but I didn't win a thing. At home we played a game called Identity which was very fun! You just try to have your teammates guess the person or character you have on your card.

Sunday morning, we all ate some breakfast and then ventured out to Rattlesnake Lake to hike and get some fresh air. Boy am I really out of shape. It wasn't bad at just reminded me that I haven't really worked out in awhile. (Hence the swim today)

After our hike, we all munched on a lot of superbowl food all day and watched the game. I took a little nap and Matt chased the dogs around so they wouldn't cause trouble.

Great weekend!!


Robica said...

sounds like a fun weekend! and i think swimming is super hard work. good luck on all your training.

Kara said...

You go girl! Dusty did a sprint tri last summer and said that renting a wetsuit (when swimming in a lake) helps a lot because of the bouyancy. Good luck!