Friday, February 27, 2009

$186 later...

Wednesday night after Matt got Whiskey home from the trainer, he fed him dinner as usual. Normally, Whiskey eats his food in 2 seconds flat. But that night he was eating slowly and even paused during his meal. Matt called and told me about how Whiskey was pacing around the house and looked slightly uncomfortable. When I got home, I looked at him and also saw that there was something wrong with him so we decided to take him to a 24 hr vet. Matt's first suspicion was that the trainer accidentally fed him a dinner-all of the dogs at the kennel usually stay Monday-Friday so they all get fed except for Whiskey.

So the vet takes him in and decides that he is distended and should get an xray. We thought that maybe he had "bloat" or had eaten something that obstructed in his intestines. Nope, he really did just eat too much. He had two full meals in his stomach-almost 6 cups of dry food + water=distended stomach and one uncomfortable dog.

We laughed so hard because it was SO benign and we were so worried. So $186 later, and Whiskey missing a couple of meals, and he is a brand new pup!! I have my work cut out for me today because he is in a very GOOD mood!! He has jumped on top of me 5 times already today. Oh, he also weighs 72 pounds now...

On another note, my house always seems to be in shambles after I work my stretch of days. This week was crazy, so I have extra work to do here at home. Luckily today is SO beautiful, I have a reason to get outside and procrastinate on housework/errands for awhile!

I let Whiskey lick my plate the other day and apparently he wanted to play with it.

The xray from the other night...with trees behind his enlarged belly

Whiskey with his new duck


Robica said...

whoa! i didn't know that could happen. i think i'll stop doubling joey's portions. glad it was only minor.

Stefanie said...

Yah it was a little scary given the many different things it actually could have been!