Sunday, December 21, 2008


We got a ton of snow this past week, and it's still coming!! Last night, we had more wind than snow. The wind carried all of the snow to certain places where it stacked up to several feet high!

Here is Whiskey in the snow next to our can tell he is about 2 feet off the ground here

Here they are in the backyard...we had a couple of steps there and you can see the BBQ next to where Matt is standing.

Here is the door from the garage out to the backyard-there are steps down from this door as well-so deep!

Here is the fam on top of what must be at least 3 feet deep-I had just sunk down deeper when the picture was taken

And here is when I was actually standing on top of the mountain of snow

Whiskey found a Fruit by the Foot wrapper to keep him busy

Here's Matt and W on top of that mountain in the front yard

The front porch-our porch is off the ground about 2 feet and you can see the snow blew up onto the porch by the front door

The back side of the mountain of snow


A video clip of Whiskey running from Matt to me-he LOVES the snow!

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Ty and Kelly said...

You guys would fit right in here in Boston! Our house looks the same at this point!!