Friday, December 5, 2008

Whiskey and Matt

Matt and I wake up the other night to Whiskey rolling around in his kennel being SO noisy. Matt jumps up out of bed and turns the light on to see if he was ok. He was fine, just moving a lot. I rolled over and went back to bed. A few seconds later, I feel Matt tapping me on the shoulder. He says,

"honey, when did I put on your shirt???"

me: " have MY shirt on???"

matt: "ha, yes...but WHY?"

me: "I don't have a clue. Go back to bed...and take off my shirt."

I am not kidding you either. There he is in boxer briefs and my long sleeve V-NECK purple shirt! All I could think of was "fat guy in a little coat..."

We have been laughing for days!

The other day while Matt and I were getting ready for work, Whiskey took a pair of my underwear and ran away with them. He does this with everything: clean laundry, dirty laundry, the recycling, etc... We usually chase him around until we corner him then get it back. This time, while running away from Matt, Whiskey SWALLOWED MY UNDERWEAR WHOLE!!! And no, this was not a little thong, it was normal underwear. Luckily, W passed it yesterday!! Matt and I have never been so thrilled to see poop.


Doreen T. said...

Yuk!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to shake these pictures out of my head... but I'm rolling in laughter!

jess.elise said...

Stef! I'm laughing so hard at this blog...especially b/c matt messaged me on gchat and told me to check it out. His comment, word for work, was: "Don't be ashamed if you get a little turned on from the visual of this post. It's perfectly natural."

Soooo funny! :) Miss you!

Chris/ty said...

OH MY WORD! The shirt thing is hilarious and the poop thing is funny, but scary! You guys are totally parents. You have to check the doo doo when kids swallow things too. Hilarious guys! So glad Whiskey is ok. Hope to see you guys at Christmas!

Linds said...

Ok, Stef. That's hilarious! Im in awe of the fact that he ate your underware whole! What in the world do you think Whiskey was thinking while eating them? Ha! Well Thankfully he pooped 'em out. Wes swallowed a penny one time and we checked his poop's for 5 days till we found it! HA.....oh goodness.

Our growing family said...

I too am laughing and was thinking of how much you guys sound like you have a kid! =) I hope to meet this Whiskey someday!

nicole said...

Oh my word, this post cracked me up! If you catch Matt wearing your clothes again, I want a picture! Ha ha :)
And poor Whiskey, that had to mess with his stomach.