Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

The weekend included a nice dinner at Jak's in Issaquah with the in-laws to celebrate our anniversary (late). Sunday we did some landscaping and planting in the front yard then ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate my meeting up with my Dad after 17+ years! Yes, I did it and have no pictures to prove it. Things are good and will no longer be awkward for us. It's so funny how throughout the years I thought about what that moment would be like, and it was SO much different, and so much better than it could have been. Thanks for having us over guys!!

Matt and Whiskey planting

Whiskey likes dirt and must lay by anything dirt

He is so darn cute


Matt shoveling up the grass

Whiskey playing with Kona, Val & Rod's new puppy

The amazing view of Mt. Rainier at their house

Kona and the back half of Malibu

The three playing ever so nicely

My new garden gnome sitting on a mushroom


Our growing family said...

your puppy is getting so big!
That is wonderful that you got to see your dad and that things went well!
sounds like a great weekend!

jess.elise said...

Hey you...I didn't know you decided to go see your dad! You'll have to tell me how things went the next time I see you!

Bridget Beth said...

So many exciting things, for you! So much to celebrate!

And I LOOVE the garden gnome :)

Chris/ty said...

Wow - that is awesome Stefanie! I am so glad things went so well seeing your dad again.

Katie said...

Happy anniversary!

e said...

Happy anniversary, congratulations/what a relief, and Jak's...YUM.