Saturday, February 12, 2011


Here's a bullet list of what we've been up to:

  • Matt opened his new office just up the street from where we live!
        -3 minute drive to work
        -17 minute walk
        -dogs allowed
        -click here for the website

  • Work, work, work. We both have been pretty busy. 
  • Skiing (me). Snowboarding (Matt) a few times this year. 

        -I'm still learning, but I bought some new skis yesterday! I'm going to tear it up. :)
        -Matt goes each week with some buddies up to the Pass early in the morning (5am). They snowshoe up to the top of various places, then snowboard down, all in the dark. Head lamps are their friend. This gives them all a very nice morning workout before work.

  • Allergic reactions. Matt went running last week and mid-run had an allergic reaction to something. Hives, facial swelling, etc. We self-diagnosed him with Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis. Yep, real thing. 
        -we assumed he was allergic to some food we ate, but apparently doesn't have to show symptoms until "vigorous exercise." They tested him for all of the things we ate that night (and another, because it happened again!). Turns out he's allergic to salmon and the legume family, among others.
        -He's always been allergic to trees, grasses, pollens, dust, etc. You name it, he was allergic to it. So, apparently because he's allergic to trees, he has a sensitivity to salad. Yep, salad. He should be absolutely fine as long as he doesn't run within four hours of eating these things. Scary.
        -I'm allergic to something. I have constant sinus congestion. Even Claritin-D doesn't totally clear me up. Gross.

  • Reading
        -Still have a few on my list to read: 2&3 of The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Help, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, and a few devotional books.
        -Started Love and Respect with our new bible study group. Love it.
        -Studying for my CCRN. I told Matt today that "it's always in the back of my head." He told me to "move it to the front."  HA. Kidding. I told him that I was slowly pushing it forward, starting to make it more of a priority. After all, if I pass, I will get an extra $1/hour for it. Yippee! :)

  • Dinner Parties
        -We're trying to eat dinner with more people each week. You know, fellowship.
        -Let me know if you're interested in coming over for dinner. I LOVE to cook for people! Plus, it keeps my house a little more clean. Oh and we like children. A lot.

  • Making Plans
        -We are working on cleaning out our garage and organizing it.
        -Thinking about possibly selling our Foosball Table.
        -Matt is climbing Rainier this year.
        -Spending more quality time together (& Whiskey!)

I'm sure there's more, but I think that will do for now.


Robica said...

Wow! How do you guys fit all this in? And a rigorous snowshoe up then board down all before work? Holy moly.:) And we'd love to come over for dinner. What day works best? ;)

Stefanie said...

Ha, he definitely loves being able to do that each week. I love it when I'm off because I wake up to fresh Starbucks in my hand since he goes so early :)

Next time you're in town, you must come over!!! I have not seen you in FOREVER!!

valarie said...

I wish I'd known you were in the market for skis, I bought new stuff a few years back and haven't used them yet! Maybe because I broke my leg? Matt is lucky he has a private nurse ;-) ya!

Ty and Kelly said...

You should put "go to Boston" on your list!