Monday, April 20, 2009


I think a run and bike ride are in order for the day. It is way too beautiful out to be inside anyway, especially since I was inside all weekend at work! I have to spend the next three days inside too, but am very excited for a weekend in Neah Bay for Katie's birthday. For those Twilight lovers out there, we may be stopping through Forks on the way back.

I love that my dog slides down the stairs in the mornings when he is still sleepy. His new thing is to run his face against the wall on the way down. This morning while we watched Matt get his lunch out for work and waited for the coffee to brew, Whiskey got up onto my lap and cuddled. That always makes my day! He's a little heavy, but its worth it!

This weekend I started orienting to Charge Nurse for my unit. I will be Relief Charge, meaning when they need someone to help out. I am so used to running around the unit on my feet, not planning staffing at the desk. I think once I get a few more days of training in, I will feel more confident. I didn't realize how hard it was to guess how many patients you will have at 3pm by 10am!

I can hear Jessie right now yelling "no, Whiskey! I need that! Don't eat it! Stop! Sit! Leave it!!!" hahahaha

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Robin said...

Woohoo! Hope you were able to enjoy the weather today, Stephanie! I look forward to hearing more about Charge-nurse duties next week! :)