Sunday, April 5, 2009

bullets (or dashes, rather)

-I was just informed that I cut an orange incorrectly, by my lovely husband
-I am loving this Blue Moon wheat ale that I am devouring
-When people around you are severely depressed, they suck the life out of you
-I didn't know that I could be called so many bad names within an hour of being at work...not to mention I was swatted and kicked at
-I had a LONG weekend and my feet hurt...YAY for a Monday off with awesome weather!
-The husband worked all weekend getting our shed built! It looks awesome! Please come over and look at it.
-My Mom's birthday is tomorrow, but I probably won't actually see her until next week
-We got our new patio dining set and I LOVE it!!


Robin said...

I'm about to do the same thing with the bullets on my blog :) So much easier at fun to get a new outdoor set, just in time! :)

A to Z said...

i love blue moon!!

P.S. take lots of pics at Easter so I can pretend that I was there, okay?!? ;)