Friday, July 18, 2008

Whiskey River

I will post pics of the pup again soon. He has been lovable and a little terror. He is getting really good at sleeping in his crate at night and a little better at going potty outside. He definitely has his moments. He is currently attacking my dustpan and brush, his new favorite toy.

I went out yesterday to water my fuschias on my front porch with the pup, now for sure named "Whiskey River". Everytime we even step foot onto the porch, their is a little bird (a Junco) who yells at us because she has a nest around there. We were pretty sure the nest was in the Arbor Vitae out front. Anyway, I went out to water the flowers and the bird was going NUTS, as was the dog because he loves getting dripped on. I started watering one of them and all of a sudden two little chicks popped out onto the grass. As I saw them, so did Whiskey. I looked down and he had already eaten one of them. I was SO SO SO sad! That poor mama bird was so mad at us and I thought she was going to dive bomb us and peck our eyes out. Luckily, the other little chick was safe; Matt saw them later on in the yard.


Our growing family said...

oh, that is sad. I would have been bummed out all day!
It is funny how your stories are starting to sound like all of us who have kids...I guess puppies and kids are alot alike...although I hope none of mine ever eat a baby bird...!!=)

Linds said...

Oh my gosh!! Poor lil dead birdie!!!
I would have freaked!
Can't wait to hang with you this week!