Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Little Whiskey has been into mischief lately. Here is a list:
-he bites...hard
-he knocked over my lemon tree (both he and the tree fell down the hill)
-he knocked over my begonias
-he ate that baby bird
-he pulled the toilet paper from the roll all the way to the bathroom door
-he is barking...a lot

BUT I love him SO much!! He is still so lovable and cute. It will just take a little bit more discipline.
Some pics:


after he knocked over the begonia

chewing on the broom...I cannot sweep anymore

playing fetch with grandpa


Our growing family said...

He really is such a cute dog! =) I hope you are having so much fun with him!

jess.elise said...

I love these pictures! The one of him by the flowers and the one of him with Jim are SO cute!!