Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life and Forgiveness

I figured I'd post something before people think I've lost interest in this blogging thing. I've had SO much in my mind that I want to blog about!

Things have been really busy around here. Par for the course, we're trying to work a lot and naturally, play a lot. Ski season has come upon us and we are more than excited to hit the slopes and simply get out in the white stuff! Matt's up today scoping it all out while I try to catch up on stuff at home (willingly). Oh and I'm still not done with Christmas shopping, and probably won't be until the deadline. I'm ok with that :)

Things have been ok, simply put, since Whiskey passed away. We miss him so much every day but are most definitely enjoying his memories. He was one very well-loved pup. We hope to have another puppy in the next few months. I can't wait for puppy teeth and bebe time! I love when they're so small and cute. Where you can pick them up and turn them upside down for snuggles. As you've seen, they still clearly do that when they're huge, but there is something so special about nurturing a "teensy tiny baby beluga whale" puppy (he was small at one point!). So, puppy to come...

I've been thinking a lot this Fall about friendships. Matt and I are really LOVING our friends right now. Not that friends from the past are any different per se, but we are simply trying to love on our friends more. Put more effort and time into people. I've learned so much in the past two years about myself and I've decided to work on being who I am, despite who people think I should be. And through that, I can be a better friend.

Warning, Soap Box: There have been some shakeups within friends in the past couple of years, and if I've learned anything from them, it's forgiveness. Some people can preach this through and through, but have never actually had to truly forgive anyone for anything major. Whereas, I've had to forgive a few people for several quite major things. I won't go into detail because the past is the past and I'm proud to say I've moved on. But one major thing I'll talk about is that I've had to forgive my dad for not being there for my childhood. I've always been more than willing to forgive despite it being difficult emotionally and especially in a society that says "forget him" all too easily. There is so much in this world that is determined simply by societal "rules" which are innately good. But I feel like, especially as Christians, we're called to be more than that. I have to know that all people make mistakes, big and small, so why can't I forgive my Dad for his mistakes when I've been forgiven for so many of mine? He's a good man and has asked for forgiveness, and I'm so thankful for that. Let me say also, that I had a wonderful childhood and my mom made sure I had plenty. I have a wonderful family and extended family who have always loved us tremendously, more than Jessie or I'll ever know. So I'm NOT saying my life sucked by any means :)

Next thing on my soapbox related to forgiveness today: Shouldn't friends, who claim to be friends, be the most forgiving of each other (or even spouses??) ?? I have been BURNED by close friends, bottom line. In the past, I was upset and felt undeserving of the hurt. But I'm a grown-up now who can make grown-up adult decisions. I've had to take huge steps to forgive a few people and I have NEVER been happier about my decision to let go of my pride and move on. It's made me a better, more understanding person, and I'm so thankful God has helped me move past the hurt and sadness. So I urge you all to try to gain perspective, forgive, and try to move on. It's honestly been so therapeutic for me to look through other people's eyes. I've never been happier with my friends AND my marriage. (I still have a lot to learn here!)

Ok, Soap box over!!

I'm SO excited for the next few months as winter comes! We've got Christmas and Christmas parties, families, my cousin Dean's wedding on New Years' Eve (woot!!), hopefully a puppy to come, skiing at Silver Star in Canada, skiing at Schweitzer, hiking in the snow, maybe more ski trips, quite possibly a trip to Boston to cheer on my friend Jess in the Boston Marathon, and More Spring skiing/hiking with lots of friends!!


I'll leave you with one of my favorite pics of Whiskey!


tiffany jeanne said...

What a great post, Stef! I totally admire your willingness to forgive. It will bless you immensly, I promise. I had some issues a few years back and wondered how on earth I was going to get past it, but here I am considering those same people part of our circle still and it feels really good. I love the pix of Whiskey :) I think of you often and wonder how you're both doing with him not being there every day. We have holly with us in hawaii but she's kenneled until the 17th and I MISS HER! If you think about it, can you message me your address so I can send you a CHristmas card? Post a lot about skiing please. We miss it already. A LOT.

hugs, tiffany

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the meaningful post, and for the forgiveness, that makes me tear up, and I'm still mourning your loss too, he was a great pal.

christy said...

Love you Stef! I've recently walked the me road and it is so freeing to forgive and move on.

Jill said...

Love and miss you so much Stef! Please come see us again, or maybe we will come to you and play in the snow :) We are sure to have lots to catch up on. You are such a wise and beautiful person... thank you for this post. xo!

Jess said...

I'm too emotional at the moment to say much. I LOVE this Stef and I love you dear friend!!!!