Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We've received many cards from many people. Just one of the ways people have really reached out in support. We're so appreciative of all of you. This card came today and its too adorable not to share.

I believe this is a picture of Whiskey, and then below is Whiskey looking out the window. I will honestly treasure this forever.


Tanya said...

This would make a perfect "I'm sorry for the loss of your llama" card :)
Joking aside, I hope you guys are doing well. Thinking about you and Matt a lot and sending lots of love your way. xxxo

Stefanie said...

It has llama resemblance, but he sure got the nose and tail correct :) oh and the looking out the window part.

We're progressing day by day but still miss him so much and will for a long time. Just trying to focus of the good memories.